Addicted! Through the mental and physical mechanisms that create addiction in too many, I was an ‘addict’ to several legal substances. Alcohol nearly killed me and in 1995, I recovered with professional help.

Nicotine was the next to go. Cigarettes are a tenacious monster. Several dozen attempts preceded my successful letting go of that monkey on my back. I’ve been a non-smoker since February 2, 2012.

I’m currently taming what is perhaps the most dangerous of my past addictions, sugar and carbohydrate. WeBeKeto is all about the challenge of and return to optimal good health and wellness.

The WeBe in WeBeKeto is Well-Being abbreviated. The idea of long life and community morphed into Well-Being Pheonix and a seven pillar wellness model –

  • Imagine (gently)
  • Clean (naturally)
  • Nourish (simply)
  • Move (enjoyably)
  • Rest (peacefully)
  • Let Go (lovingly)
  • Belong (unconditionally)